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Customer Care


People First! The Gordon Security Customer Care Center is dedicated to providing an excellent human experience in all areas of customer care. We will persevere to find a successful resolution. As our customer, you are the focus. Resolving whatever issues brought you to our Customer Care center is our mission.


We will:


• Observe high standards of personal conduct, including politeness, fairness and sensitivity, and demonstrate integrity, objectivity, competence and confidentiality in carrying out our work.


• Acknowledge all communications promptly.


• Answer all telephone calls promptly or direct all calls to an answering service.


• Respond promptly to all messages left


• Offer as much information and immediate advice as possible.


• Make arrangements to provide a service that suits the needs of all of our customers.


• Make our Complaints Procedure readily available to all.


• Listen to the concerns and views of our customers and consult regularly to ensure that their needs are being met and to continually improve the service.

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